Passworx Manager is a  personal password manager build with highest level of security and data protection in mind. Passworx Manager comes with a plethora of features listed below and allows you to securely store your sensitive account login information (like username, password, etc) for services such as Banks, Emails, Social Media, etc in an encrypted form on our encrypted server that only you can view.

  • Two Factor Powered Login System for increased Security.
  • Logs Ip’s and sends email whenever the user logs in from an unidentified system.
  • Secure Vault Storage – Store accounts securely in vault (fully encrypted using multi-level AES-256 bit encryption system).
  • New Account Notes – Now add encrypted secure notes to each individual accounts.
  • New Folder Passwords – Now add extra security by adding a password to secure your folders even more. Accounts added to password protected folders won’t be accessible without the folder password.
  • New Folder Icons – Add different unique icons to each folder for better differentiation.
  • New PWNED Validation – Get notified whenever a password you enter has been known to be comprised a set number of times.
  • Password Generator – Custom build Password Generator to generate strong, highly secured password strings with just one-click.
  • Folders – Allows users to organize logins in separate folders to avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  • Quick Notes – Add important notes on the dashboard itself.
  • Accounts Exporter – Can decrypt and export all the accounts the user has added with one-click (albeit requires some security clearance – accounts added to password protected folders won’t be exported).
  • One-Click Copy – Copy login id or account passwords with one click.


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