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Open a Support Request and explain your device issue to the Warranty Logistics Technician. Remote Support is completely private and secure. All sessions use 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions. Technicians CANNOT access your PC again once the session has been terminated.

Remote Support

Securely share your computer with the technician and we’ll fix the issue for you. At that point you are able to watch what they’re doing, text chat with the support staff and naturally you can terminate the remote session any time you wish. You can either end just the remote control by clicking on ‘End Desktop Sharing’ or end the entire session by clicking on ‘Disconnect’.

Problem Solved!

As well as being more convenient, remote support is also more secure than dropping off your computer to be serviced by a technician who you can’t watch over while they’re working or having someone come to your house and leaving them alone with your computer. Even though this is a FREE Premium Service, we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with our service!

Can’t Find A Solution?

Open a Support Request to our Expert Warranty Logistics Technicians so we can help solve your device issue!

Solution Database

View our Solution Database, where we have tons of solutions to device problems around the United States that we have helped our customers solve!

Support Request

Can’t find the solution related to your device issue? Submit a Support Request to our Expert Warranty Logistics Technicians so we can help you get your device in working order!

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