Fix: Windows 10 Photos App Not Recognizing iPhone

There are a bunch of ways out there to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC. The easiest of the lot probably is to use the built-in Photos app.

At times, however, the Photos app might not recognize or detect the connected iPhone. The Photos might not detect the connected iPhone although the iTunes is showing up in the File Explorer.

If you are also experiencing the same or a similar issue, try out the following solutions.

Troubleshooting tip 1 of 7

Try the basics

Disconnect the iPhone from your PC. On your Windows 10 running PC, close all running applications and reboot your PC once. Connect your iPhone again and try if the Photos app detects it now.

Troubleshooting tip 2 of 7

Trust your PC on the iPhone

You probably know about this, but many users forget this vital step. When you connect an iPhone to a PC, the iPhone shows the “Trust This Computer?” prompt on its screen. To be able to access iPhone’s data on the computer, you will have to tap the Trust option.

Windows 10 photos app not detecting iphone

So, make sure that you have agreed to trust your computer on the iPhone.

Troubleshooting tip 3 of 7

Check if Apple Mobile Device Support is installed

Step 1: Type Appwiz.cpl in the Start/taskbar search field and then hit the Enter key to open the Programs and Features window.

Step 2: Here, look for the Apple Mobile Device Support entry. If present, right-click on it and then click the Repair option. Follow the simple on-screen directions (all you need to do is click the Next button) to repair the same.

windows 10 photos app not detecting iPhone pic1

If the Apple Mobile Device Support is not present, download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website (don’t install the iTunes available in the Windows 10 Store) and install the same. Refer to our how to download and install iTunes from Apple website in Windows 10 for instructions.

And if iTunes is already installed, uninstall and then install a fresh copy of the same.

Troubleshooting tip 4 of 7

Restart Apple Mobile Device Support service

Step 1: Type Services.msc in the Start/taskbar search field and then hit Enter.

Step 2: Locate the Apple Mobile Device Support service entry, right-click on it, and then click the Restart option.

windows 10 photos app not detecting iPhone pic3

Check if the Photos app can detect your iPhone.

Troubleshooting tip 5 of 7

Reset and repair the Photos app

If none of the troubleshooting tips mentioned above works, you should consider resetting or repairing the Photos app. To reset the Photos app:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings app > Apps > Apps & features.

Step 2: Click on the Microsoft Photos entry to reveal the hidden Advanced options link. Click on the same.

windows 10 photos app not detecting iPhone pic4

Step 3: Click on the Reset button. Click the Reset button again upon getting the confirmation flyout.

windows 10 photos app not detecting iPhone pic5

After resetting, click on the Repair button. When you get the confirmation flyout, click the Repair button again to repair the Photos app.

Troubleshooting tip 6 of 7

Reinstall the Photos app

If nothing works, reinstall the Photos app by uninstalling it and then installing a new copy of the same from the Store. Refer to our how to reinstall the Photos app in Windows 10 guide for step-by-step directions.

Troubleshooting tip 7 of 7

Manually back up photos and videos to PC

If you are still unable to back up photos and videos using the Photos app, back up photos, and videos manually. To do that, open up This PC on your PC, navigate to Apple iPhone > Internal Storage > DCIM to see photos and videos. Copy and paste them to a safe location on your PC. Simple as that!

iphone not detected by Photos app in Windows 10 pic7

Refer to our how to back up iPhone to external hard drive using iTunes guide might also interest you..

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