PS4 Blue indicator light blinking issue

The LED indicator light in the console turns to white while turning on the device. But before that, it becomes blue and then turns to white. But if the blue light does not turn to white and keep blinking continuously then it indicates the console is not working or else it is not functional. This normally indicates the failed video output. However, here are the fixes for this issue.


  • First, reset the console. In case the fault is associated with the device, then a reset might solve the issue.
  • Next update the TV’s firmware. The latest version firmware might fix up the failed audio video signal.
  • Also, check the power supply by disconnecting all the cords if any damaged is noticed.
  • Do not forget to test the HDMI port and the cable of both the TV and PS4 as well. If the fault is with HDMI cable then altering this will definitely resolve the issue.

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