PS4 Console freezing issue

PS4 freezing on the home screen or else lagging while playing any game is another issue many users have reported. However, this is not a very serious issue and can be fixed easily by following some easy tricks. Read the solutions here.


  • Reset the console first. Turn off the device, disconnect all the cords, wait for two minutes and then turn on the console again to check if it is working then properly.
  • In case the device is freezing while accessing the network, then what you can do is download any needed stuff from the Sony support site to your computer first and then transfer them to the console via USB cable.
  • Also, ensure the PlayStation 4 is ventilating properly to prevent overheating of the gadget. So, place it in an open space and keep a fan next to it. Also, the internal fan should run properly.
  • Finally, contact the Sony service center if all the above solutions are not efficient for you.

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