PS4 Red indicator light blinking issue

The red indicator light in the console is another most common PS4 issues which is very similar to that of the Blue light issue. However, this issue is not that much common and is mostly related to the overheating. However, the red LED light does not let the device turn on and make it non-functional. Here are the solutions for the issue.


As the problem is associated with the overheating of the console so the main aim should be to cool down the device by any means.

  • So, give the console rest for some time. Power it off by touching the power button on the front and as you hear the beep sound leave it. Next, disconnect all the cords and leave the device unused for an extended period of time.
  • The next thing you can do is to place the console in an open space as it requires proper ventilation. Also, place a fan next to the gadget while ensuring the internal fan is running properly.

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